Dr. Manoj J Pradhan, is the leading name in Cardio Thoracic surgery in Pune. He is attached to several reputed cardiac institutes in Pune. He is a visiting surgeon to the leading hospitals in Maharashtra. He has an experience of over 22 years in Cardio Thoracic surgery...


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Heart Surgery Videos

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Taking heart with technology

Time was when you simply had a heart attack and died. But as technology has advanced, it does not let you die. Not that easily, at least. It is now possible to have laser angiographies that are completely bloodless. To have a bypass surgery done on a beating heart, without a heart-lung machine. To install an internal defibrillator that could revive your heart in case it fails, without your even knowing it!

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Cardio boosters

FOR those seeking to repress pervasive ailments like cardiac arrests, there’s hearty news.
Intravenous drugs like Repro and Integrelin and state-of-art instruments used for bypass surgery called Octopus or shock absorbers like Artificial Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD) promise to extend patients’ lives considerably.

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11 Day old baby gets Pacemaker

PUNE: In a remarkable feat, doctors at the Jehangir hospital performed a rare and complicated surgery and installed a pacemaker in the heart of a eleven-day-old infant. The doctors said they were unaware of a similar surgery being performed on such a small baby anywhere in the country.

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