Dr. Manoj J Pradhan, is the leading name in Cardio Thoracic surgery in Pune. He is attached to several reputed cardiac institutes in Pune. He is a visiting surgeon to the leading hospitals in Maharashtra. He has an experience of over 22 years in Cardio Thoracic surgery...


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About Athena Heartcare

About Athena Heartcare Clinic
Athena Heartcare is an organization founded by Dr Manoj Pradhan and Dr Alka Pradhan to provide comprehensive high quality heart care to all. It was inspired by and named after the greek goddess Athena – the goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship-who though usually depicted holding a spear, with her golden helmet pushed back to reveal her elegant beauty, was known more for her role as judge, diplomat, and mediator than for actually fighting in battle.

The Greek goddess Athena championed many heroes, offering them her advice and protection, helping them to win their battles.

Athena heartcare consists of a dedicated team of anaesthesiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists and paramedical staff to look after patients in the most professional manner. We provide state of art treatments in cardiac surgery and specialize in performing all complex type of cardiac surgeries – often turned down by other centres as too complex, with a high degree of success. We also specialize in performing total arterial beating heart surgery with minimally invasive conduit harvest (radial artery, saphenous vein ) using the harmonic scalpel, and verification of graft patency using the medistim flowmeter. We use the latest techniques in anaesthesia to ensure a safe and smooth operation with a quick recovery. We also perform the very difficult Redo ( 2nd or 3rd time bypass) beating heart surgery with a high success rate using techniques learnt in London. The paramedical staff is trained to assist the patients in all aspects of preparation for cardiac surgery and to ease anxieties involved in undergoing a major cardiac operation. The aim of the team is to ensure a speedy and complete recovery from the operation and to get the patients back into the mainstream of life and to make the process of undergoing an operation as pleasant as possible.

Cardiac surgery today involves a lot of strategic planning and we ensure that the operation is tailored to suit the patient’s requirement. We have a lot of patients who have undergone surgery 18-20 years ago who are still doing extremely well with an active lifestyle.

Athena Heartcare stands for the best in cardiac surgical care !!